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03:32 pm Explorer Bug #329 (New): file name numeric rounding bug
I've noticed some 404 errors in the httpd log for waterfall image files that *do* exist. It appears that setiQuest Ex...


12:49 pm Algorithms Bug #306 (New): process EOF data
Most functions in the Algorithms project do not process the last end-of-file (EOF) data block because it is less than...
12:37 pm Algorithms Bug #305 (Closed): handle malloc errors
All memory allocation (malloc, calloc, ...) errors should be handled gracefully. Memory allocation failures do happe...


10:37 am Website Bug #277 (Closed): Blog needs dates
This issue was mysteriously fixed by an unknown person.


01:10 pm Website Bug #277: Blog needs dates
The blog now has dates. Somebody did something to the Drupal configuration and this issue is now fixed. I would close...


03:32 pm SonATA Feature #281 (New): Some lrint() and lrintf() speed optimizations.
I have changed several (double)rint((double)x) functions into (long)lri...


07:25 am Website Feature #278 (New): comments for Polls
The new Polls feature is great. What it really needs is a comment section to encourage conv...
07:24 am Website Bug #277 (Closed): Blog needs dates
The blog needs to have dates when the article was posted. As it is now, there is no way of ...
07:19 am Website Feature #10: Add a way to identify SETI Scientists on the website


10:11 am SonATA Feature #276 (New): CXXFLAGS not global
The CXXFLAGS declaration in is not global. You should be able to set it once in the root directory. It i...

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